Inspirational, Spiritual, Soulful

Debut Poetry Collection

Pure and simple shoots awake,

From frozen winter, shadowed plains.

They cover the earth in beauty and bliss, and

Ring with the hope of spring.

Read these poems for their uplifting beauty, or for seeking resonance with self, and you will experience that Snowdrops has a subtle and tender way of conveying profound messages.

Imbibed with the author’s free spirit and her love for nature, this collection of poems describes a journey of internal evolution and spiritual awakening, unravelling answers to questions such as: ‘Who am I?’ ‘Why me?’ and ‘What is the Meaning of Life?’ These questions have all been raised with an increased urgency and frequency since the pandemic.

While the contemporary expression and unpretentious language make them a joy to read, the embedded wisdom of ancient Eastern philosophies inspires self-exploration in its’ readers, allowing insight and transformation to arise from within.

Every poem is a snowdrop - pure, simple, magical- unwinding the warmth that nests under the surface of snow.

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Cover page.jpg

Find Yourself

From Stress and Loneliness to Bliss
Discover your truth through Meditation

Emma has always played by the rule. She has everything a woman desires- social status, marriage, prosperity, friends, children, and looks. Everyone admires and envies Emma. But, do they really know her? Who is she? Is she this strong and powerful woman who never fails, or is she that lonely and desperate scream that no one hears? No one knows. Not even Emma. Until one day, she meets the Master who introduces Emma to Meditation and takes her on a journey of self-discovery and understanding of life. 

In this fiction book, join Emma in her fascinating journey of uncovering precious soulful answers to life’s most elusive questions and intriguing mysteries. “Find Yourself” presents spirituality in the context of a 21st century woman, her prosperous life, stressful lifestyle and her unquenching thirst for happiness. Emma’s forty enrapturing meditations plant seeds of spiritual lessons deep within reader’s souls. Conversations with the Guru give a modern context to the ancient wisdom of our culture and Universal lessons from Meditations. Read, witness, feel, sense and get captured by the Universe of wisdom that is locked and buried within you. Find Yourself.