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Mindfulness and Meditation

Unlock Your Inner Calm

Is it a Yogi meditating for days under a fig tree without food, warmth or shelter? Or, is it Luke Skywalker from Star Wars being present at two places at once? The power of Meditation is not limited to a Yogi or a Jedi, it is within all of us. In its everyday relevance, this power is in the simple mindful awareness of every moment of our lives.  We can unravel this Power and Energy by connecting with the life force inside us through the rhythm of our breath.

Practicing mindfulness enhances our experience of the beauty of life. It opens our eyes to the vastness, rhythm, stability, love and the effortless flow of life through the Universe. Every joy and experience of life becomes clearer, more vivid, prettier and more colourful with the practice of mindfulness, similar to when washed by the first rain of the season.

Life is a mixture of beauty and challenges. Challenges come in several forms- stress, health concerns, relationships, money, loneliness, jobs, or unfulfilled desires. Sometimes, you can feel drained, defeated, helpless and powerless against the odds of life, against things that appear to be happening to you. Mindfulness awakens you to the reality that you already have what you need to deal with every situation that you face in life. It helps you recognise and unravel the energy and power within you. For every problem you face, for every problem which is outside, there is a solution inside- inside you. The key to unlock this solution is to know it, trust it and allow it to flow through you.   

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let the magic unfold.

Om Shanti.

Yoga by the Ocean

Mind Body Healing

“The Natural Healing Force within all of us is the greatest Force in getting Well.” Aristotle

PNI (Psycho-neuro-immunology) is the scientific field of study investigating the link between bi-directional communications among the nervous system, the endocrine (hormone) system, and the immune system and the implications of these linkages for physical health.

In 1989, David Spiegel conducted a landmark clinical study at Stanford University on women with breast cancer, demonstrating the power of Mind to heal out Body. Since then, ample clinical research in the field of PNI has demonstrated that psychological stressors can influence immune system function, leading to physiological changes in our bodies. Faulty thinking can lead to emotional turmoil which can produce inappropriate behaviour, e.g., over-eating, workaholism, addictions. Loss of psychological control also leads to reduction in homeostasis, which in turn, causes weakening of the immune system and manifestation of several chronic diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome, colds, flus, asthma, bronchitis, amenorrhoea, fertility reduction, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. It also demonstrates that the perception of pain and response to medication and long-term survival after diagnosis of a chronic illness is also altered significantly by your emotional well-being.  

The goal of Mind Body Healing is to get the Body and Mind to relax and to reduce the levels of stress hormones in the body, so that your immune system is better able to fight off illness. Mind Body techniques can be helpful in many conditions because

·       They encourage relaxation

·       Improve coping skills

·       Reduce tension and pain

·       Improve response to medication 

·       Lessen the need for medication

Allopathic interventions have made fantastic advances in treating disease. However, a more Holistic approach to healthcare is needed to make allowances for emotional well-being to achieve Health and Well Being in true sense.

Several techniques and methods of Mind Body healing have been developed and described by various cultures and practitioners. Most of these methods work on the basic principle of initiating Mind’s relaxation response, (first described by Physicist, Herbert Benson in 1970) and using it to heal out Body. The methods which I help and encourage my clients to use are

·       Breathing works

·       Mindfulness

·       Meditation

·       MBCT (Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy)

·       Focussing

·       Progressive Muscle relaxation


About Me

Dr Suruchi Arora

I have loved every minute of my job as a Doctor in NHS for eighteen years. It has enabled me to fulfil my passion for helping and healing. Yet, there is physical, mental and emotional suffering beyond the limitations of Modern Medicine. After all these years of Medical practice, I have now come to realise that there is more to Healing than Treating diseases. Mind Body Healing and Mindfulness starts where Modern Medicine stops.

My own regular practice of Mindfulness has brought to me immense relaxation, happiness, peace and solutions to life-long quests. Awed by the simplicity and universality of this tool, I feel compelled to share it with others. 

I am a member of the Mindfulness Association, practice Yoga and Meditation regularly and am trained in techniques of MBSR. I am certified in Mind Body Healing and am a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher. I have recently completed writing a book about my Meditation experiences. But, my most relevant qualification is my passion for helping and Healing, my intuitive and insightful assessments and my ability to understand and interpret soulful answers provided by the Universal Consciousness.

Despite my graduation, post-graduation and work in the field of Medicine for several years, I have found more answers and Power by practicing Mindfulness than I did by studying hundreds of books. I wish to help you find that Power within you.


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 I am honoured and humbled by the feedback I’ve received for my previous courses, some of which I share here with permission from clients.

Beautiful journey. There are several gems I take with me to improve my life like living in the moment, understanding the power of Meditation, believing in self and letting go of the wrong beliefs I hold.”- Deepa


“Life changing, eye opening course that helped me on my journey to peace. Really safe environment to learn that I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.”-


“Life changing, eye opening course that helped me on my journey to peace. Really safe environment to learn that I am in control of my thoughts and feelings.”


This course has given me an understanding of the issues I have and why I have them, and also a path to solving them.


Your in-depth knowledge and art of helping to look at problems with a different perspective is so good. Your coaching style is unique and hope people benefit from the gist you have within. I am sure the positive aura you spread will help people to find answers to complex issues.

Leena Jha

Doing a course of sessions has improved areas of my life that I wasn’t previously aware needed improvement. Thank you to Suruchi for being such knowledgeable, patient and mazing coach

Nisha Rajput

My thoughts have never been so deep before.


Conversation with Suruchi is like a dance, an art - she never stops to amaze me.



"What we think, we become"



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